I'm a book.

Life is like a book.

Some chapters, we love it so much and we’ll say things like “that’s my favourite chapter of the book”. And we would reread those chapters to relive the parts where we call it our “favourites”.

While for some chapters, it really bores us out. Nothing actually make sense to us in those chapters. We find no sparkles when we read those chapters and we just want to get it over with and move on to the next exciting part of the book. Plain boring and mundane. Seemingly not much changes.

Yet in some chapters, we feel so connected to it. For some reason, it resonates with us. In these chapters, we find ourselves. Reading those chapters, we understand and realised who we are. And even though the chapter might be filled with pain, unpleasant emotions, we take them and own it because it made us who we are in the journey of life.

Whichever chapter you are in right now, make this book a great one. Despite of how mundane and boring thing can be at times, I hope you will always find something to learn in those chapter.

be kind

Let’s remember to be kind to each other because life is hard enough. Every person you meet, is facing some kind of battle.

“when you are busy being kind to others, who will be kind to you?”. This mentality have to go.

Be kind. Despite of what the world may be, remember to be kind to others.


maybe in falling, we learn how to fly with our wings.

maybe in falling, we learn how to pick ourselves up.

maybe in falling, we learn how much we are able to withstand the things in life.

and one day when we fall, there will be someone who will help us up because this someone will stay no matter how hard it gets.

There’s so much to learn from falling.