I think.

I think I made a lot of bad decisions in the past. I made a lot of mistakes during my growing up years. I wish there was someone there to guide me in my decision making process. So that I could avoid the unnecessary stuff in life.

My immaturity cost me so much. It was such an expensive lesson on life. At the end of it all, I gained more than I have lost; that’s what I’ll like to think.

I am not blaming anyone for who I am today. I am happy with who I am as a person right now. My personality, principles, morals and work ethics, I am proud of them(not in a prideful way), even though I have much to improve and work on. And my character will always be a work in progress but I would say, I’m in a better place right now.

So for 2020, I will continue to embrace who I am fully while making changes in the area that I need to change. Continue to grow in maturity and learn from others. Give my best and nothing lesser than that.

Live well, end well.

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